Sherman Browne is game-changing personal growth expert, dedicated to empowering the masses to unlock their potential while activating their legacy. Through a successful nexus of works in business, education, government and community relations, Sherman delivers provocative insights and strategies that positively advance society through his personal, professional and humanitarian endeavors. As the CEO of AIMHigh International, LLC, a global social enterprise and consulting firm, Sherman has established himself as a sought-after authority on leadership, personal and organizational achievement systems, mental conditioning, peak performance and youth & millennial empowerment strategies.

After more than a decade of service, Sherman has also established the AIMHigh Empowerment Institute, an educational success, retention and graduation initiative to improve the academic, personal, professional and social outcomes for students at every level of the pipeline. The institute is currently helping thousands of students remain engaged, educated and empowered while developing competence, confidence and character.

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Sherman’s commitment to empowering the masses is surpassed only by his Faith in God and dedication to his family as a loving husband to his wife Shereece and their daughter Solaei. Sherman’ personal story demonstrates the results that come from being civically engaged, collegiately educated, and conscientiously empowered. Raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands by his mother, who at the time only earned $11,000 annual salary, Sherman learned early how to be resourceful with little. In 2002 he migrated to New York City in pursuit of a career in the performing arts.

While living in the Bronx, Sherman resided with his grandmother in the poorest congressional district of the United States. It was under these humble circumstances that he developed his guiding philosophy that “One should never allow their geography to be the author of their biography.” Grieved by the conditions of his community, he decided to write a new story for his life by choosing to focus on community development and personal empowerment.