Are you ready to transform the culture of your school or classroom? Let Sherman and the AIMHigh team share the best practices that will ignite your students academic potential in pursuit of excellence. The AIMHigh Epic Impact Training for Educators was created for teachers and school districts that are committed to transforming the lives and shaping a better future for students from elementary school through college and beyond.

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In the AIMHigh Epic Impact Program, you will learn:

  • Proven solutions to close the achievement gap
  • How to create a culture of high expectations
  • How to use the “Teaching strategies for success” toolbox.
  • The AIMHigh Empowerment Pedagogy for Epic Impact

The Strategies in this training will help your school to:

  • Improve Attendance & Retention Rates
  • Increase Graduation Rates & Overall Success Outcomes
  • Reduce Disciplinary Issues and Drop-out Rates
  • Prevent delinquency among at-risk students

For almost a decade, Sherman devoted his tenure as an educator to impacting the lives of students. From the most challenging to some of the brightest minds in the country, he has worked with students at every level of the educational pipeline.

As Founder of the AIMHigh Empowerment Institute, Sherman has profoundly impacted our educational system by expanding this success, retention and graduation initiative to schools in the New York City Department of Education- the largest public school system in the United States. The program has yielded significant results in improving the academic, personal, professional and social outcomes for both educators and student participants.

The program under Sherman’s leadership has proven to be a game-changing model for student empowerment and has helped thousands of students remain engaged, educated and empowered while developing competence, confidence and character. Due to the programs rise in prominence, Sherman was awarded The Educator of the Year award by the Williamsbridge Branch of the NAACP and received Citations of Merit from the New York State Assembly, and recognition by the U.S. Congress.