You Little Rebel… I Like You Already!

Me: Let’s grab a bite to eat?

Her: Right Now?

Me: Yes Now!

Her: You know we’ll be late for the concert right?

Me: Who cares! We’re going to have fun regardless. Trust me you’ll enjoy it, and I’m paying. 

And off we went, laughing, reapplying lip-gloss and fixing our hair. Looking un-kept was not an option. What made this simple gesture exciting? Was it the well-anticipated Passion Fruit Sangria? Or the Avocado Toast paired with Shiitake Mushrooms? None of the above, it was just the idea of randomly getting something to eat. Though untimely, the decision was liberating and uncalculated. 

Can you recall the last time you made a spontaneous decision, for no other reason than (drum roll please), because you just wanted to? It was that simple. No thesis, no dissertation, no evidenced based reasoning.  You just did something fun, because you felt like it.

In our demanding culture where meetings, productivity, and deadlines dominate our lives, carving out time for things that you enjoy, may seem like a criminal act. Brene Brown Ph.D, author of, The Gifts of Imperfection, voiced, ” A critically important component of living is play. It is as essential to our health and functioning as rest. Yet, spending time doing purposeless activities is rare”.

Having fun doesn’t translate to being irresponsible. Yet, I would suggest that inserting a few unplanned activities in your mundane to-do- list, may very well increase productivity. Here are 5, subtle yet significant changes that you can begin right away as you engage in simply… #HavingFun. 

1. Wear something that you’ve never worn before. (Oh Yeah!)

2. Plan a staycation or book a flight last minute. (Wheels Up!)

3. Tune in to your favorite playlist and dance. (Great Moves!)

4. Go for a walk and enjoy the moment of just being. (Stillness Loading!) 

5. Eat your favorite dessert, lots of it. (Calories Doesn’t Count Today!)