Overcoming Dreamicide Paperback Book


In this groundbreaking self-empowerment guide, a renowned empowerment coach offers a roadmap to mastering the art of fulfillment through the progressive realization of your dreams.

Oftentimes, people die with great dreams buried in their hearts. They wanted to break free from mediocrity but settled for an unfulfilling life of misery. It’s the common case of what Sherman Browne calls committing Dreamicide— the unintentional killing of your dreams. This epidemic has been rampant for too long. Until Now…

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In Overcoming Dreamicide, you’ll discover how to:

•Demolish fears and worries that stifle your aspirations
•Recognize Dream Assets and get rid of Dream Liabilities
•Embrace challenges and risks as opportunities for growth
•Appreciate the value of the process over the end results
•Manage the pursuit of your dreams and the demands of your life

Using his life experiences, academic research and stories of high achievers in business, entertainment, and sports, Browne shares proven systems to achieve personal and professional fulfillment. Whether you’re searching for your life’s purpose, starting or expanding a business, or seeking to improve your performance, this book is for you. So get the defibrillator ready, you’re about to experience a Dream Resurrection.

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